Curatorial Art Practice in Ramsgate and beyond


Stephen Brandes, Richard Caldicott, Rosalind Davis, Steven Geddes, Justin Hibbs, Peter Lamb, Bérénice Mayaux, Antoni Malinowski, Jason Oddy, Claire Pestaille, Ruth E. Rollason, Michael Stubbs

To view all artworks please click here. This exhibition will be extended online until the end of December 2020.

4-29 November 2020

Winter Salon is a new yearly event at the Laurent Delaye Gallery in Ramsgate.  This year it will take place at the Vinyl Head Gallery in Addington Street, from 4 to 29 November 2020.

There was a time when public Art exhibitions came to change the course of history, and the 19C had plenty of them.  As Victorian Ramsgate was basking in the glory of prestige and elegance, monocles in London were dropping at the daringness of the new moderns, while in France the art of the next century was made amid riots and  editorial calls for arson.  In this spirit, and in view of the present circumstances, we think it really is time for the opening of a Winter Salon in Ramsgate.  Starting small, and in one venue, we anticipate that by the next years to come, the whole town will be the stage of an art revolution spreading like fire. 

For its first edition the gallery will bring together twelve artists.  Coming from all different horizons and practice, working with multiple media, and often with an already established international career, they encompass diverse schools of thoughts and traditions within the realm of contemporary art.  In the narrow but open space of the Vinyl Head Gallery the curators are aiming for chaos and order, opposites, clashes, anarchy, where each work interplays with others and defines its own boundaries.  The show reflects the longstanding interest of the gallery for constructivism, Op Art, minimalism, feminism, surrealism, Dada, political satire, and concrete poetry. It includes sculpture, painting, photography, prints, collage, calligraphy, ceramics, tapestry, and posters. 

Winter Salon
4 to 29 November 2020
Vinyl Head Gallery
1 Addington Street, Ramsgate CT11 9JN
open Thursday to Sunday 11-5pm

Please contact us for any further information
07903 675298

All precautions concerning Covid-19 will be respected and required during the exhibition.  Visitors are asked to wear masks and the gallery will be constantly sanitised.  NHS Test and Trace QR code will be available as well as taking records of visitors who don’t have the app.

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